Organizational Realignment
and Change Management

Organizational Realignment and Change Management: a recurring theme in current literature about strategy and governance is the concept of alignment. The contemporary nonprofit, faced with increasing competition and difficult financial challenges, will want to ensure that its organization is firing on all cylinders, and that there is coordination between different functions such as program administration, communication, financial administration, volunteer management or fund-raising.

The turbulence facing nonprofits may lead to a need to recalibrate or rethink the organization. “Business as usual” is not a motto that would serve most nonprofits well today. 

Nonprofits should not be allowed to just ‘evolve’ in a kind of organic way. Peter Drucker, one of the best-known writers on management, has written, “The only things that evolve in organizations are disorder, friction and malperformance…. Organization design and structure require thinking, analysis and a systematic approach.”

Our Principals are well acquainted with the challenges of organizational development and change management. Whether what’s required is just minor adaptation, or perhaps a more significant realignment, we can help to make sure the process runs smoothly and that desired results are achieved.

Because of the difficult challenges within the nonprofit sector, a theme that has recently become more prevalent in the sector is that of mergers. Mergers are certainly not for everyone. However, in some circumstances, integrating with another organization that has a sympathetic culture and that is engaged in similar or parallel work may make a lot of sense. 

Research has shown that consultants often play an important catalytic role in helping an organization to assess whether a merger is right for it, and if it is, to help make the process of transition as seamless as possible. 

If you think a merger might be a strategy for your organization to consider, please give us a call. We can help.