Governance and strategy

Governance and strategy: to navigate today’s turbulent environment, nonprofits need a focused mission, a strategic plan aligned with that mission, reliable implementation and effective governance practices. But developing a strategic plan that moves smoothly into implementation can be difficult. And, building a governance model that consistently adds value can be an elusive goal for many nonprofits.

We’ve helped scores of nonprofits, large and small, national and local, federated and stand-alone, to address these kinds of challenges. We can provide the guidance and coaching you require to position your organization for success by:

  • reviewing your organization’s strategic plan, and providing you with an assessment
  • using “© critical success factors for sound governance” as a framework for diagnosing any governance difficulties you may be encountering
  • providing the conceptual thinking and skilled writing which, along with critical input from staff, can yield a motivating, results-oriented strategic plan
  • determining how and when to engage your board of directors productively in your strategic planning process
  • reinforcing what’s sometimes a “missing link” between the strategic plan and its implementation
  • guiding you through a process of organizational change, if needed
    charting a program that will lead to a stronger board providing more effective leadership.

Please contact us to discuss how we could work with you in any of these areas and to tell you about how we’ve worked with other clients to achieve inspiring results.