Improving Financial Performance

Improving Financial Performance: Nearly all nonprofits face significant financial challenges. Perhaps, like others, you lack the funds you need to fuel your mission. Or you’re finding traditional revenues sources are drying up. Perhaps your financial administration needs improvement, or your reports to the board need to be more informative and understandable. 

Maybe your board and staff would like to do more, but people feel stuck. There’s a way to get unstuck! We can help in myriad ways, using some or all of the following strategies:

  • Reviewing your current financial situation
  • Assessing current and potential streams for revenue growth
  • Working with you to determine what potential sources offer greatest promise
  • Collaborating with you to develop a mission-related financing plan
  • Providing practical assistance in fund development or in securing grants
  • Assessing what tools you might need to diversify your sources of revenue and build your case for support
  • Getting your board more proactively engaged in financial oversight and fund development
  • Improving the quality of financial reporting or financial administration.

We work with both board and staff, leading to a shared understanding of how to get “unstuck” and move ahead on a path toward greater sustainability.

If, like so many nonprofits, finances are your most pressing problem, please give us a call. We can help, and would be glad to do so.